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The key areas of JSC NIIAS’ international activities include: representation in international industry organizations, coordination of inter­national research and regulatory activities, certification and standardization, development of innovative technologies in cooperation with foreign partners, as well as execution of projects abroad.

As the leading industry institution in a number of areas of applied research JSC NIIAS studies and adopts advanced global experience and know-how to the benefit of the Russian railway industry. A particular emphasis is given to the adaptation of foreign solutions to JSC RZD’s technical, operational and regulatory requirements.

JSC NIIAS is an affiliated member of the International Union of Railways (UIC). The Institute is actively involved in the activities of the Security platform, as well as research projects dedicated to cybersecurity and control systems impemented under the guidance of the UIC. The Institute is a permanent member of the UIC Asset Management Working Group that is involved in the development of guidelines for the management of resources, risks and cost of railway facilities (including such fundamental document as the Guidelines for railway application of the ISO 55000 standard).

The Institutes experts are members of working groups of the Organization for Cooperation between Railways (OSJD). Thus, as part of the OSJD Permanent Working Group on Coding and Information JSC NIIAS experts take part in the development of single technical specifications and interfacing protocols for the use of electronic signature in ensuring relevant-in-law information traffic between railway administrations of OSJD member nations.

As part of international partnership initiatives, the Institute actively interacts with European research and education organizations. Cooperation agreements have been concluded with the universities of Pardubice and Ostrava (Czech Republic), Žilina (Slovakia), Budva (Montenegro), etc. Scientific contacts are maintained with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Vienna Institute for Safety and Systems Engineering, University of Belgrade, Polish Academy of Sciences, etc.

International partnership in research activity

  • Czech Republic

    JSC NIIAS and the Czech Railway Research Institute (VUZ) have signed a Cooperation Agreement in the area of European certification, joint participation in research projects of the International Union of Railways, joint development of international standards and harmonization of Russian and European regulatory frameworks.

  • Slovenia

    At the 10th International Conference Safety Systems in Transportation, a Cooperation Agreement was signed between JSC NIIAS and the Traffic Institute Ljubljana. Left to right: Peter Verlič, Manager, Traffic Institute Ljubljana, and Efim Rozenberg, First Deputy Director General, JSC NIIAS

  • Montenegro

    Signing of a Cooperation Agreement between the Faculty for Traffic, Communication and Logistic, Budva, Montenegro, and JSC NIIAS.

JSC NIIAS publishes the Dependability bilingual specialized journal included in international citation systems that publishes articles by international experts in the matters of dependability and covers the issues of development and deployment of the methodology for resources, risks and dependability management (URRAN). Papers by the Institute’s experts regularly appear in foreign scientific publications. Over the last three years 30 articles on URRAN have appeared in a number of specialized foreign publications of Austria, Germany, Romania, Slovakia, USA, Switzerland, Czech Republic, etc.

JSC NIIAS maintains ongoing cooperation with the world’s leading railway technology suppliers with the goal of introducing advanced technical solutions to the Russian railway system.

Jointly with Ansaldo STS, the Institute has developed and deployed for trial operation on the Khosta – Matsesta line of the North Caucasus Railway the innovative ITARUS-ATC train control and protection system based on satellite navigation, that was duly appreciated by UIC experts.

In cooperation with e-GEOS (a Telespazio subsidiary company) JSC NIIAS has developed a technology for COSMO-SkyMed SAR monitoring of potentially hazardous railway lines exposed to adverse natural and anthropogenic effects. The technology has been put into operation over the Tuapse – Adler line of the North Caucasus Railway.

The Institute actively cooperates with other leading foreign operators of space-based acquisition systems including Airbus DS (operator of the SPOT, Pleiades and Terra-SAR satellite constellations).

For several years, JSC NIIAS has also been developing cooperation in several areas with Siemens. The Sapsan high-speed trains are equipped with KLUB-U train protection systems, BLOK onboard systems are deployed on the Lastochka EMUs.

Joint activities with Siemens are performed on the comprehensive project of automation of the Luzhskaya
classification station of the Oktyabrskaya Railway. A whole range of unique Russian solutions has been implemented, including the MALS shunting automatic cab signalling system that enables shunting engines operation in the Autodispatcher mode (driverless).

Jointly with Bombardier Transportation (Signal), an advanced control technology has been developed that is based on dynamic signal-free train separation in the Moscow Central Circle.

As part of the Moscow – Kazan high-speed line project, the Institute’s experts cooperate with representatives of Chinese engineering organizations.

In September 2016, at InnoTrans, the largest international railway industry forum in Berlin, JSC NIIAS has concluded cooperation agreements with a number of foreign companies, such as Schweizer Electronic and SAT4M2M of Switzerland, Eureka Navigation Solutions of Germany, ISKRATEL of Slovenia, ČKD of the Czech Republic.

International cooperation in innovative technologies

  • Germany

    Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Eureka Navigation Solutions (Germany).
    Left to right: Thomas Wiedermann, Chief Executive Officer, Eureka Navigation Solutions, Efim Rozenberg, First Deputy Director General, JSC NIIAS

  • Serbia

    Agreement for development of the Serbian Single Railway Transportation Management Center signed on September 19, 2016 in Belgrade by Andrei Pavlovsky, Deputy Director General, JSC NIIAS (left), and Milutin Ignjatovic, Managing Director, Institute of Transportation CIP

  • Mongolia

    Construction of hump crest, slope and classification yard at the Zamyn-Üüd station (Mongolia). According to plans, in 2017 the hump slope and 8 tracks of the second group of tracks of the classification yard are to be equipped with KSAU SP system devices, modular compressor station and retarders at the first and second retarder positions.

  • Cuba

    On behalf of JSC RZD, the Institute’s experts prepared the project of modernization of the Cuban railway network. About 800 km of track were inspected, engineering solutions were developed for the modernization of railway automation facilities and deployment of the single traffic management center, cost estimate documentation was prepared.

The Institute’s designs are being deployed in railway system of the CIS countries and the Baltics, where its onboard train protection devices, automatic block and other automated traffic control systems are in steadily high demand.

In the nearest future, JSC NIIAS through its Rostov branch will deploy the Integrated System for Automated Shunting Operations (KSAU SP) at the Zamyn-Üüd station of the Ulaanbaatar Railway (Mongolia).

In September, 2016 JSC NIIAS signed an agreement with the Serbain Railways for the development of the Single Railway Transportation Management Center in Belgrade. The agreement was concluded as the result of a competitive tender involving a number of European companies. The success of JSC NIIAS was made possible due to not only the competitive pricing proposal, but also the high quality of its engineering solution.


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