Management JSC NIIAS

  • The individual executive body of the Institute is the Director General who manages the Company’s current activities. The Director General’s competences include the management of all current business activities of the Company aside from the matters falling within the competence of the general shareholders meeting, Board of Directors and Company Management.

    Director General
    Alexander Dolgy

    Chief Research Officer
    Igor Rozenberg

    First Deputy Director General
    Efim Rozenberg

    First Deputy Director General
    Vladimir Matiukhin

    Deputy Director General
    Andrey Pavlovsky

    Deputy Director General, Head of Integrated Research and Development Unit for Traffic Safety Systems and Automation of Station-Based Processes
    Alexey Zamyshliaev

    Deputy Director General
    Irina Stalnova

    Deputy Director General
    Irina Dubchak

    Deputy Director General
    Elena Emelianenkova

    Deputy Director General for Security
    Boris Kluft

    Executive Director
    Elena Filatova

    Director of the JSC NIIAS Rostov Branch, Deputy Director General
    Alexander Shabelnikov

    Acting Director of the JSC NIIAS Saint Petersburg Branch
    Pavel Popov


Research and Design Institute for Information Technology, Signalling and Telecommunications in Railway Transportation

27, bldg. 1 Nizhegorodskaya str., Moscow, 109029, Russia

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