Main Areas and Strategy of Innovation

The Institute develops a holistic approach to the control of all process cycles of railway transportation based on a single integrated system for managing transportation process, infrastructure and safety using advanced software and intelligent technologies.

The significance and role of the activities performed by JSC NIIAS with regards to the innovative development of the railway industry is supported by the Institute’s leadership in a number of railway research areas:

Development of the Integrated Intelligent Process Control and Automation System for Railway Transportation (ISUZHT)
  • Adaptive automatic real-time process planning.
  • Automation of end-to-end processes.
  • Development of fully functional workstations.
  • Principles of decentralization and self-organization of control and command with complete situational awareness.
  • Application of a single integration platform.
  • ISUZHT as the foundation of the Digital Railway.
Railway traffic management and logistics
  • Common integrated traffic management system based on modernized centralized traffic control and on-schedule operation.
  • Comprehensive automation and mechanization of station operations based on advanced electric interlocking and satellite positioning.
  • Location monitoring systems for cars, locomotives and maintenance personnel with automatic identification through integrated land-based RFID and GLONASS/GPS satellite positioning.
  • Intelligent operations control systems.
Train control and protection
  • Development of advanced onboard train control and protection systems.
  • Development of advanced computer-based automatic block, centralized traffic control and supervision systems.
  • Development of train control and protection systems for high-speed lines.
Railway infrastructure and energy efficiency management
  • Integrated railway infrastructure spatial data system. Use of GLONASS/GPS coordinates-based methods in automation of infrastructure (track) maintenance processes.
  • Common information environment of the railway industry including such crucial components as the common high-precision coordinate system and the digital geological maps generated with the use of GLONASS/GPS satellite systems while ensuring information protection.
  • Automation of railway infrastructure facilities management and operation.
  • Application of power-saving technologies and measures to improve the energy efficiency of JSC RZD operations.
  • Development of JSC RZD operational communication systems and methods of application within railway information and management systems.
Traction facilities management
  • Creation of traction facilities management centers.
  • Creation of dependability management centers.
  • Rolling stock diagnostics.
  • Improvement of traffic safety.
  • Rational management of train crews and training.
Safety management
  • Comprehensive information protection system and integration of JSC RZD ACSs.
  • JSC RZD Situation Center for Emergency Monitoring and Management.
Transportation Safety
  • Development and maintenance of integrated transportation safety systems.
  • Building and maintenance of transportation safety situation centers.
  • Development and deployment of technologies for integrated transportation safety systems design.
  • Development of technologies, software and hardware facilities, their adaptation and modification for the purposes of transportation safety.
Digital railway
  • Creation of a common system of interconnected intelligent information communication solutions to serve users, vehicles, traffic and infrastructure management system.
  • Deployment of client-oriented information technologies ensuring the highest level passenger information and interoperability of transportation systems.
  • Ensuring non-discriminated customer access to railway infrastructure based on an integrated information management system to support freight transportation customer relationships.
  • Implementation of the smart locomotive and smart train concepts, replacement of drivers with an automatic train control system, development of intelligent railway terminals management systems.
  • Development of fault-tolerant and cybersecure intelligent traffic, freight and passenger flow management systems, railway automation and communication facilities.
  • Deployment of monitoring technologies and Internet of things solutions for integration of information signals, analytical tools and control actions into a single environment in which business processes are performed with minimal human involvement or ultimately without it.
  • Application of advanced computing resources virtualization platforms, implementation of cloud-based technologies that ensure radical changes in the way the services are provided to business units, enable the creation of an electronic platform to manage all the passenger and freight traffic, infrastructure and rolling stock related processes.
Development and implementation of information society technologies
  • JSC RZD’s main digital signature certification authority.
  • Relevant-in-law electronic documents management systems for the transportation industry and interdepartmental interaction with Russian federal authorities.
  • Transboundary relevant-in-law electronic document management center for international and transit traffic based on trusted third party (TTP) services.
  • Electronic invoice management via telecommunication channels.
  • System of end-to-end information technologies for international freight traffic based on relevant-in-law electronic carriage and commercial documents (“Electronic train”).
  • Identification systems involving electronic tickets based on advanced identification technologies.
Development of information security systems and facilities
  • Systems and means of ensuring of information security.
Development of railway telecommunications systems
  • Systems for digital radio communication and data transmission between infrastructure facilities.
  • Integrated engineering communication system.
  • Centralized passenger information and track maintenance personnel warning systems.
  • Maintenance and recovery activities communication and warning systems.


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