Intellectual property JSC NIIAS

The team of JSC NIIAS has developed 1087 innovative technical solutions and software products.

Being JSC RZD’s designated engineering organization, the Institute has created intellectual property assets in the following strategic areas of development of the industry:

  • transportation process management – 351
  • telecommunication systems – 300
  • train control and protection – 225
  • geoinformation systems and satellite technologies – 113.

The contribution of JSC NIIAS to JSC RZD’s intellectual property portfolio amounts to 21 percent.

High level of invention and novelty of the technical solutions have been noted by the experts of the Federal Institute of Industrial Design Rights of Russia. Over the last several years inventions by JSC NIIAS have been on the list of Russia’s 100 best inventions.

JSC NIIAS has developed and deployed the method and regulatory framework for activities involving intellectual right items, i.e. inventions, utility models, prototypes, software products, databases, know-how in all aspects of intellectual property management from identification of registrable deliverables and registration of exclusive right to commercialization of intellectual rights assets.

Preemptive patenting is of increasing importance as it allows building intellectual property portfolios of innovative solutions and prevent their use by competing companies. JSC NIIAS pays great attention to this activity and registers exclusive rights for the advanced technical solutions it develops.


Research and Design Institute for Information Technology, Signalling and Telecommunications in Railway Transportation

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